I lay down with arms outstretched 
I embrace the fall 
And all the time 
I tried to let you know 
Discomfort comes clearly 

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haha i want to die!

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You don’t really seem to care,
I don’t even talk about it

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How’d another year turn out so bad?

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You live in the back of my throat. Folded up there. A memento.
Your scent. Your memory. Muted and momentary. Heavy. The smell of sleep. Reminiscent. Bittersweet.
Once I laid my head on you. Inhaled to match your rhythm. As if somehow that’d bind us close together indelibly.
You live in my cavities. Empty spaces of my body. Your voice. Your memory. Planted deep. A pit inside me.

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i drove around for hours, i drove around for days, i drove around for months and years and never went no place.

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Me for the next three weeks and forevermore

When someone is so cute you just wanna die

I had to make this stupid thing for my HTML class. #basicbitch


It’s easier to miss on nights as dark as this. But the black clouds still follow us around. There’s gotta be a way to escape from the rain, but I can’t find it.

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