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It’s winter and I’m late I lost this game
Of white Russian roulette but I’m fine I’m quite ok,
And she knows I’m royal loyal to lovers
I’ll die here with you when my veins lose their hue

Cause I never fixed my broken jaw
That’s why my words don’t ever come out at all,
So when you come out fix another for me
One hand’s itching the other’s missing
I wish I was missing

Birthmarked my arms in vain out my mouth and down the drain
Shooting bullets through my blood, the bullets barely missed my brain
And fly for five days around my bedroom in a haze
And then I’ll crash straight in the ground
I wish I was never ever here
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Daily pile of shit. (at Casa de la Sad Boys)


List of places I’d rather be
Hell and all and all

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all i think when i see this is andystump



there were four people in their 30’s at work today talking about how “kids aren’t mature enough to handle sex” and how “social media makes everything fake” and how “when kids text each other then meet up in real life they… go farther…. than they ever normally would” and my questions are like well you’re using words like “fake” to generalize an entire social structure that you participate in??? so how does that blanket approach work??? and “kids” really seem to depend on themselves for sex education because people like you just seem to think obliviousness=safe sexual encounters so maybe fix that? ?? ? and you’re using the term “go far” to describe sex and calling yourself “more mature”?? ? ?? welcome to ignorance post-30 it’s not all old white people and that’s honestly the scariest part there are kids my age who call jerking off “killing babies” and think jokes about sex are gross and still slut-shame and even fucking get after me for wearing short shorts around because “i’m dressing like a girl” and sure rage at old white people is good but it’s really scary when it’s the person your age at the coffee shop or the show who’s being a rape apologist and trying to convince you that you’d be better off “dressing like a man” it’s really fucking scary to think that the next generation of oppressive people is all around you and likes the same bands as you 

everyone should read this


Banner Pilot - Modern Shakes

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Young And In The Way - Be My Blood

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wish i was kissing you instead of thinking about you

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notafraidoflions replied to your post “on a scale of 1 to 10 regarding having a concussion i would probably…”

Probably didn’t help that you went to bed shortly after

or drank but hey here i am w/o an aneurysm


and you’ve proved once again
in the bubble that
you only need your own air to breathe
and a knife in the bubble says
it’s not killing unless the killing is serial

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